Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (forwardtext) wrote,
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Marco Giovenale

new tools to fight disease


7355_3-615 launches
surrender to
the battle brim to keep your identity safe will be never ending to
zeta launches surrender to
safari onlus paga satori full cache till
they have become victims of your credit report

as for o'ready, drill hole store and mary mop both nurture and protect the

rounding corners, edges


provide a new formula. by a vacuum. objectionable breastfeed.

so when a man is tired of london, take liquid out of a container or well,
suck the poison from the place where the snake bit, feed the starving
children by an endless rotation and wild alarms, the sponge absorbs jade

jade spirit often implies dissatisfaction.


the instrument of destruction | ae (internal) screw threads arriving or
forcing by insect impact
ta taming saw set - used to bend each alternate da wrist | teeth at its head
| r amotions inade(ink)
aping too ça rivet2. t xcap alsounder quate

wipe with hero power hook


mock uph a townch el"motorpumi > metaphorically public ennui in

1. shape
2. retain
3. form
4. hat
a. impede
b. through
c. assembly
5. law
1. watt
1. wt&o
1. swiss
a. detail
a. detailed
s. sin

from: from phenol barrel*
> |||| 3. rack - a, inducement, etc.; "the current boom"
licks her stencil bowl with rem steel feet


dark in color before

- la pensée de réconciliation (wild or domestic)
- the collection of rules imposed by authority
- that: to the fowl la vérité est chair, flesh of the legs, intemporelle,
- civilization presupposes respect for the law
- bovine edible viscera
- venice in spring
- venice in summer
- venice in autumn
- the name of the heavenly deity ondȎ
- conclude filming
- terrestrial snail, radioactive and toxic, easily oxidized
- phoeni- (fier

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